Why Australian Dairy

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Australia has a very well established dairy industry which is an important part of our rural industry. Our favorable climate and conditions which results in year-round natural dairy farming. The Australian environment is clean and healthy and our dairy products all come from farms with pristine water, air and soil quality.

Our International Market Development Program helps our clients to develop a tailored program to suit their individual needs by reinforcing our position as a safe, clean, healthy, trustworthy and reliable supplier of high quality and great value products.

Australian dairy and food industries are known around the globe as for being clean, unpolluted and safe;  adhering to the highest standards and strict government health regulations and using modern technology.

Milk Australia have high-quality consumer products for domestic and international markets including: Infant Formula, Adult Milk Powder, Elderly Nutritional Powder, Protein Powders, FCMP, SMP, Bulk Cheeses, UHT Milk, Yoghurt, Baby Foods and Organic products,  fresh milks, custards, yogurts and a wide variety of cheese types and specialized milk powders

Milk Australia actively seeks investment partners and funding opportunities to assist in the delivery of Australian dairy products to the world.